MSc in Tropical Agriculture

Level: Master *
Starting year: 2010
Current CAPES Mark of the course: 4
Recommendation: Portaria nº 088 de 27 de setembro de 2006. Parágrafo 4º do artigo 9º
Number of credits for academic degree in disciplines: 24
Number of credits for academic degree from the dissertation ending: 0
Number of credits for academic degree others: 0
Admission period: Semester
Admission Vacancies: 50 (2014/1), 17 (2011/1)

Target audience:

The primary criterion for admission to the master's program is an undergraduate degree in agrarian sciences, biological sciences, environmental engineering and other related areas. Holders of an MSc in tropical agriculture will act directly in fields covering efficient and sustainable exploration of tropical systems both in public and private settings. Alternatively, professionals will work as researchers and higher education teachers.
In order to obtain the master’s degree, candidates must complete course credits, undergo a qualifying exam, publish articles and present a dissertation on a topic related to one of the areas covered by the program.

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